Bryan Heinz

Bryan Heinz who is not only a runner but also a triathlete. Bryan enjoys being active, running for recreation, and competing in racing events. His big goal for 2017 is training for the Chicago Triathlon on August 27th, 2017.

Bryan started running in 1980 during college to stay fit and relieve stress. Now he enjoys swimming, running, cycling, and lifting weights. His typical running mileage is 15 miles a week... in the afternoons. Bryan likes running both roads and trails as long as it is not icy or below 20 degrees. He typically runs with music unless he’s racing and fuels with bananas and Cliff bars. His favorite shoes are Asics and the best post-run dinner is pizza and beer.

Bryan’s favorite race is the Goshen “Rock the Quarry” Triathlon held at Fidler Pond by Stone Soup Promotions. For his “bucket list,” Bryan would like to check off a Half Ironman Triathlon which is a distance of 70.3 miles composed of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run.