Eric Diamond

2RRC would like to give a Shout-Out to Erock B. Rock (Eric Diamond). Erock started running just four years ago when looking for a source of free bananas. After seeking help for lifelong depression and anxiety, he finally felt good for the first time in decades. His personal motivation for running today is craving the attention of his father, Todd Hoffer. Erock works out 4-6 days a week averaging 15 miles at Beacon Health & Lifestyle Center in South Bend and cross-trains with spinning, weight training, and napping.

Erock’s favorite running music is “Thank You Scientist” and his fuel is frozen dark chocolate covered bananas even though running belts with attached freezers can slow him down. Tofu Bi Bim Gook Sue at Sunny’s Korean Restaurant in Mishawaka is his favorite post-run meal. His favorite running shoes are the Nike Air Zoom Structure. Erock’s quirky habits are facial expressions demonstrating the final stages of death and he only avoids running outside when it’s the Zombie Apocalypse.

His plan for 2017 is to run more than 71 races and he is well on his way to accomplishing this goal by racing almost every weekend. Erock’s favorite race is the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K and the farthest distance he has ever run is a 10K race. Erock’s dream is to run shirtless with Todd Hoffer and see everyone run the Goshen Green Day 5K wearing Notre Dame gear in show of 2RRC club unity. Thank you for your humor, Erock Rock. You are one of a kind.