Lisa Buss

Lisa started thinking about running in 2008 when some of her colleagues were training for the Indy Mini. It caught her interest but she wasn’t convinced until Labor Day of 2012 when a friend from church encouraged her to go out and run. She went for it and after transitioning from walking to running, she’s currently in-training for her 7th half at the Gazelle Girls Half Marathon! Lisa loves the challenge that running gives her and the sense of accomplishment she feels when she’s done.

Lisa runs Walker Park and Greenleaf Boulevard in Elkhart but her favorite running locations are OxBow Park and the Pumpkinvine Trail. Her favorite running fuels are Gu’s and Shot Blocks and she loves listening to music while running. Lisa said her quirky habit is, “when I’m running, it sometimes looks like I’m throwing gang signs with my hands!”

Lisa supplements her training with CrossFit and a gym workout a few times a week which has improved her running and leg strength. Her bucket list includes running her first marathon, first triathlon, and competing in some destination races. Lisa’s best race ever was the 2016 Sunburst Half Marathon. It wasn’t her fastest half, but a great mental race. Lisa enjoys the fellowship of group runs and enjoys meeting new people in the running community because in her words, “WE ROCK.”