Natalie Gillette

 Get to Know...Natalie Gillette!

The next Two Rivers Running Member Shout-Out goes to Natalie Gillette. Natalie has been a runner since she was 4 years old when she first started the 2K summer Reith Runs with the club at the Reith Interpretive Center across from Shanklin Park in Goshen, Indiana. Now at the age of 7 (8 yrs old in July), she’s not just running...she’s flying!

These days Natalie does an after-school program called “Run the Halls” where they run through the halls inside school with six laps equaling a mile.

During the summer, Natalie enjoys running with friends at Reith Runs and competing at the Westview Track Meets. In 2016, Natalie did the 3K three times at Reith with a time of 18:02 minutes! Her 2K Personal Record is a 10:37. Keep it up, Natalie!

Natalie’s favorite food is pizza and her favorite running clothes are her blue shirt and blue shorts. She also likes getting blue ribbons. Blue shirt, blue shorts, and blue ribbons...sounds like a winner! Natalie’s pure love for running and having fun with friends is clearly seen. “I love wearing running clothes because it makes me feel faster,” she says.