Shelby Faltynski

Shelby has been a runner since 8th grade track at Grissom Middle School and has been running ever since! Her weekly run schedule is 20-25 miles a week along with body pump weight lifting at the YMCA and the occasional spinning class for cross training. As the summer approaches, she would like to add biking outdoors and start swimming for fitness. Shelby normally runs in the early mornings before work in the South B...end area including the Notre Dame campus, Riverwalk, Rum Village, and Potato Creek State Park. Her running fuel is the Honey Stinger energy gel and her favorite post-run meal is either pasta or steak! (She’s been told that her quirky running habit is that she waddles like a soccer player while she runs. )

Shelby is currently training for the Carmel Marathon held on April 22nd, 2017. She would REALLY like to qualify for the Boston Marathon and could also see herself running a Disney race in the future. Shelby is excited about joining Two Rivers Running Club for the running community. In her own words, “Running is so much better together!”