Benton Spillway 3 Mile training run

Where: Benton Spillway CR 31 straight south of Fairfield High school and just north of CR 46. Gentle dirt, grass and packed stone trails with turns and minor hills. Runners will be asked to run on the right side of the trails at all times to avoid hitting other runners. Cross country flags will mark each turn.

When: Each Thursday at 6:30 check-in 6:00

Cost: $1.00

Sponsor: Fairfield Cross Country

*This is training run and there will be no awards. If numbers show a need, we will look into ribbons down the road. Times will be taken each night and anyone who wants to race will start in the front, but will not be allowed to start racing until they get on the spillway bridge (safety issues)Contacts: Kirt Hunsberger-536-4036 Rustin Nyce-238-3641