2009 Race Series

The race series will consist of a mens, womens and youth division.  To be eligible for year end awards, you will need to complete 7 of the series races(4 races for youth).  If you choose to compete in more than 7 races, your best 7 races will be scored(best 4 for youth).  Everyone who completes the minimum number of races will receive a year end award.
Scoring will be based on a cross-country system.  For example, if you are the first male club member to cross the finish line, you will get one point, if you are the second to cross, you will get two points, etc...  The person with the lowest point total at the end of the series events will be the winner.  In the event of a tie, we will go to head to head match-ups for those involved in the tie.  The runner with more head to head wins will be declared the tie breaker winner.
You must be a member of the Two Rivers Running Club to be eligible to receive points for the race series events.  We will not be able to award points for races prior to a runner becoming an active member of the club.
All rules regarding the race series are subject to change (if necessary) to keep things fair for all participants.  Any changes will be brought up for a vote by the officers of the club.
Below is a list of Race Series races:
May 2 - Mayfest 4 mile
May 23 - Two Rivers Meet - 15K
June 6 - Sunburst - 5K
June 13 - AmazinGrace - 5K
June 20 - Courthouse Classic - 5K
July 4 - Flotilla - 8 mile
July 11 - Fruit Hills Classic - 4.7 mile
July 17 - Night Moves - 5K
July 19 - Parade 5000
July 25 - Steve's Run - 10K
August 2 - Rock n Roll Half Marathon - Chicago
August 8 - Middlebury 10K
September 7 - Blueberry Stomp - 5K
September 20 - Nappanee Apple Festival - 5K
September 27 - Pumpkin Chase 5K
October 4 - Middlebury Runs/Walks for a Cure - 5K
October 10 - Sandhill Crane Half Marathon - replacement for the Hoke
November 21 - Turkey Lurkey - 5K