Race Series Rules & Standings

Race Series Rules
The race series will consist of a mens, womens and youth division. To be eligible for year end awards, you will need to complete 7 of the series races (4 races for youth). If you choose to compete in more than 7 races, your best 7 races will be scored (best 4 for youth). Everyone who completes the minimum number of races will receive a year end award.
Scoring will be based on a cross-country system. For example, if you are the first male club member to cross the finish line, you will get one point, if you are the second to cross, you will get two points, etc... The person with the lowest point total at the end of the series events will be the winner. In the event of a tie, we will go to head to head match-ups for those involved in the tie. The runner with more head to head wins will be declared the tie breaker winner. Age groups are determined by your age as of June 1, 2013.
You must be a member, in good standing, of the Two Rivers Running Club to be eligible to receive points for the race series events. Points may be awarded up to 7 days after a series race to a person who joins the club within that 7 day period. Otherwise, no retroactive points will be given.
Volunteer points will be awarded to those who volunteer at a club series race. Volunteer points are awarded after all club running/walking participants have been awarded. Volunteer points are valid in year end series totals only if you do not have seven running/walking events completed for scoring. If you have completed your minimum seven running/walking events for the race series, volunteer points will be thrown out.

For races that have multiple distances, the following will apply: if the club distance is a 5K then all who run the 5K and those who race a longer distance will be scored based on their per mile pace. For distances of 10K or farther, scoring will be based on their per mile pace. If a member chooses to run a distance shorter than the club series distance, they will be scored in after all of the longer distances.
All rules regarding the race series are subject to change (if necessary) to keep things fair for all participants. Any changes will be brought up for a vote by the board members of the club.

***note, club members are eligible to run the Rieth Run 5K all four Tuesdays in the month of June. We will take your best 5K time from these four Tuesdays and that will be the one we score. So you will not necessarily be running head to head with other club members during certain weeks but you will be running for time. Rieth Run dates for June are: June 4, June 11, June 18, and June 25***

Youth Race Series

The 2013 Youth Series for the 9 & under and 10-13 year old age groups will consist of 13 races all taking place at the Rieth Interpretive Center. Participants will need to complete 4 races to be eligible for a year end award. We will score the best 4 times for each person in the 10-13 year old age group, this will determine final placing. Individual places will not be awarded in the 9 & under age group. Awards in the 9 & under division will be given to all who complete the minimum 4 races regardless of time.

The 2013 Youth series for the 14-17 year old age group will consist of 11 road races and 3 Rieth Runs. One Rieth Run will score for the month of June, July and August. We will take your best time for each of these three months. The 14-17 age group road races will be determined by the adult race schedule. If you are a member of a high school cross-country team, please check with your coach before competing in certain races so you do not affect your IHSAA eligibility. A minimum of 4 races must be completed to qualify for a year end award. These 4 races can be any combination of road races and Rieth Runs. Please note that only 3 Rieth Runs will count in your final total so one race must be a road race. Final places will be determined by points. Remember this is cross country scoring so the lower the points, the better.

The youth division will be broken into 3 age groups: 9 and under, 10-13 and 14-17.
To be eligible for scoring, participants will need to compete in the following distances:
9 & under: 2K run - Rieth Runs
10-13: 3K run - Rieth Runs
14-17: 5K run - Road and Rieth Runs