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2RRC - 2017 Race Series

Date_                       Race Name                                 Distance                            Location   

February 11             Frosty 5k                                      5K                                     Elkhart, In

March 11                 Sarah Strong                                10K                                    Elkhart, In

April 29                   Superhero 5K                              5K                                      Elkhart, In

May 5                       Green Day                                   5K                                      Goshen, In

June-all                   Reith Runs(score your best)      5K                                       Goshen, In

June 3                      Sunburst                                      Half Marathon                   South Bend, In

June  10                   Randy Miner                                4 mile                                 Etna Green, In

June 17                    Courthouse Classic                      5K                                      LaGrange, In

July 1                       Freedom Fest                                5K                                     Goshen, In

July 4**                    Any Race – must have a race website and timing to be scored

July 23                      Parade 5000                                5K                                     Goshen, In

August 5                  Logan’s Run                               10K                                    South Bend, In

September 4            Blueberry Stomp                         15K                                    Plymouth, In

September 30          Fort 4 Fitness                              Half Marathon                    Ft. Wayne, In

October 28              Haunted Hilly Half                     Half Marathon                    Bristol, In

November 23**      Any Race – must have a race website and timing to be scored

**Any race may be used for the July 4th and November 23rd race series races.  The race must have a website with results.  Scoring for these events will be pace per mile.**

Please note that any race that has multiple distances will be scored differently.  For example, the Sunburst race distance is the half marathon.  Any runners who run a distance other than the half marathon will be scored in after all participants that ran the half marathon.  Pace per mile will be used to determine placing for the 5K, 10K and Full marathon.